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Transport & Aeronautics56 
Food & Agriculture206 
Biotech & Medicine265 
Technical sciences87 
None technical209 

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A.D. IMTEL-Komunikacije, Institute for Microwave Techniques and Electronics
SerbiaResearch Institute Research and development of printed integrated antenna structures of various purposes from 16GHz to 75GHz. Research and development of microwave filte... 
Academia - Organization of young experts in Bosnia and Herzegovina
Bosnia-HerzegovinaResearch Institute Research and develpoment of Bosnian society in all aspects of life with help of all Bosnians who live all around the Globe 
Bosnia-HerzegovinaOther implementation of telepsychiatric services 
Agency for Information Society of Republic of Srpska
Bosnia-HerzegovinaOther Development of Information Society in Republic of Srpska 
Agency for Medicinal Products and Medical Devices
CroatiaOther We are focused on approbation of pharmaceuticals and analytical procedures in registration process. 
AVL-AST d.o.o.
CroatiaCompany/SME Developing software for numerical simulation and measurements of IC Engines. 
Business Innovation Center of Croatia BICRO, Ltd
CroatiaOther Development and implementation of government programs aimed at strengthening technology development as the generator of sustainable economy 
Center for Digitization of National Heritage
Faculty of Sciences
Institute of Informatics
FYR of MacedoniaUniversity Usage of information technologies for cultural and national heritage presentation. Development of new tools for old manuscripts recovering. Presentati... 
Center for Regional Policy Research and Cooperation Studiorum
Departments of Public Health / Decentralization / New Media and Society
FYR of MacedoniaResearch Institute Research on effective public health and health policies, patient safety and hospital accreditation processes 
Central National Library of Montenegro Đurđe Crnojević
MontenegroOther Development of Library Information System, Digitization of old manuscripts, National bibliography activities. 
Bosnia-HerzegovinaCompany/SME IS R&D (Information System Research and Development) 
Comp-2000 ltd.
Research and Development
Bosnia-HerzegovinaCompany/SME Research and Development 
Bosnia-HerzegovinaCompany/SME Research, implementation and design of ICT 
Croatian Academic and Research Network - CARNet
CroatiaOther CARNets activities can be divided in three basic areas: Internet service provision, encouragement of information society development and education fo 
Data Concept S.A.
Research Projects
OtherCompany/SME Data Concept S.A. is focused in the development of innovative ICT services, that could be used in all field and offer a new perspective. 
Dental office Respecta
Medical faculty Novi Sad
Public health
SerbiaOther online possibilites for public health activities 
Technics , Health
Bosnia-HerzegovinaResearch Institute -organisation, technics, technologies education and ,management, Health - Food - Materials & Production - Energy - Environment (incl. Climate Ch... 
Dzemal Bijedic University of Mostar
Bosnia-HerzegovinaUniversity Education, Research, Electronics, Telecommunications, Computer Science, Automation, Robotics, Power Engineering 
FYR of MacedoniaCompany/SME  
EMKICE (Euro-Macedonian Knowledge Innovation Center)
FYR of MacedoniaOther Development of new technologies, Innovations and commercialization of innovative products 
Sektor inzinjering za komunikacije
Bosnia-HerzegovinaCompany/SME TelCo SW Solutions (IPTV, Mobile Services); Business SW Solutions; Transport/Access Fiber-Optical & Radio Communication systems; Access Network Sys 
Euro-Regional Technology Transfer Center “ Bitola (ETC Bitola)
Faculty of Technocal Sciences Bitola
Technology transfer center
FYR of MacedoniaOther 1.Provision of technology transfer services from the experts of Faculty of Techical Sciences toward the companies in the region. Professional areas th... 
Bosnia-HerzegovinaCompany/SME EuroBit main activities include: Research, consulting services and pilot projects related to e-government, Consulting services on legal, institutio... 
EuroBit d.o.o.
Bosnia-HerzegovinaCompany/SME Research, consulting services, design of business and technical information systems 
European University
Faculty of Informatics
FYR of MacedoniaUniversity Information Storage, Analysis and Retrieval; Software Engineering; Web Science; Intelligent Systems. 
Bosnia-HerzegovinaCompany/SME consulting, networking, project management, training 
OtherOther Geomatics Services 
Faculty of Economics and Business Zagreb
CroatiaUniversity - reserach projects related to business administration and economics 
Faculty of Technology and Metallurgy , The University of Belgrade
Faculty of Technology and Metallurgy Beograd
Chemical Engineering
SerbiaUniversity Chemical Engineering and Chemical technologies 
Fan S. Noli University
AlbaniaUniversity Departements of Philosophy, Sociology, Psychology, Education, Informatics, Nursing, Horticulture, Agrobusiness, Agro-food, Finance, Management, Turism... 
Natural Sciences
AlbaniaUniversity Contribution in Jackknife and bootstrape in linear regression. 
Farmavita.Net , Farmavita d.o.o.
Pharmaceuticals and Life Scinece
Licensing and Technology Tranfer
CroatiaCompany/SME Project coordination and regulatory affairs in life sciences 
FON University
Faculty for ICT
FYR of MacedoniaUniversity Software engineering, speech processing, human-computer interaction 
GAUSS d.o.o.
Civil Engineering Faculty
Bosnia-HerzegovinaCompany/SME Development of GIS Software 
Gen-info d.o.o.
CroatiaCompany/SME Excellence in biomedical research, especially genetic epidemiology and gene discovery 
Geographical institute Jovan Cijic SASA
SerbiaResearch Institute  
HUPNOZ - Hrvatska udruga za promicanje novog obrazovanja i znanja
CroatiaOther Based on new science paradigm with holistic responsibility for our sciences and our life, HUPNOZ (Hrvatska Udruga za Promicanje Novog Obrazovanja i Zn... 
FYR of MacedoniaCompany/SME Developing highly adaptable and flexible, easy scalable software solutions. 
Institute for Physics
Center for Atomic and Subatomic Physics
Laboratory for Atomic Collision Processes
SerbiaResearch Institute Atomic and molecular physics, electron - atom (molecule) collisions, laser induced fluorescence 
Institute for Strategic Studies and Prognoses
MontenegroResearch Institute Macroeconomic analysis Information ownership and real way interpretation means knowledge. We have knowledge about the real sector, the labor market, ... 
Institute Mihailo Pupin
SerbiaResearch Institute Institute Mihajlo Pupin (IMP), is a leading Serbian and Montenegrin R&D institution in information and communication technologies, the biggest and the... 
Institute of Nuclear Science Vinca
Laboratory of Physics
SerbiaResearch Institute multidisciplinary nuclear research 
Institute of Nuclear Science Vinca
Laboratory for Molecular genetics and Radiobiology
SerbiaResearch Institute Institute Vinca 
Instiute of Earthquake Engineering and Engineering Seismology
Department of Seismology
FYR of MacedoniaUniversity earthquakes, seismic intesity, azimuth dependingm, historical records,site ground conditions 
International Burch University
Invento Media Group
Bosnia-HerzegovinaCompany/SME Manufacturers of compleate hardware and software solutions for market communication via Bluetooth Wireledd Technology. Patented hardware with range u... 
J. J. Strossmayer University of Osijek
Mechanical Engineering Faculty
for Organization and Informatics
CroatiaUniversity Computer Aided Design (CAD) using AutoCAD, Mechanical Desktop, Inventor, SolidWorks, Catia, Pro/Engineer. Part, Assembly and Surface Modeling. Suppor... 
KONCAR - Electrical Engineering Institute Inc.
CroatiaResearch Institute Mission Socially responsible applied research and development of the equipment, technologies and services for efficient and reliable energy conversio... 
AlbaniaUniversity research and education 
Macedonian Academy of Sciences and Arts
Research Center for Energy, Informatics and Materials (ICEIM-MANU)
FYR of MacedoniaResearch Institute The applied research of the Center has been devoted to energy strategies, energy efficiency and renewable energy sources, as well as the environmental... 
Mathematical Institute of the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts
SerbiaResearch Institute MISANU has a number of experts doing high quality research in several areas of mathematics, including: • Cryptology, • Digitization... 
Mechanical Engineering Faculty
Production Engineering Department
Laboratory for Producton Metrology and TQM
SerbiaUniversity • Research and Development Production Information Systems; • Research and Development of Expert Systems for Maintenance and Inspectio... 
Medora d.o.o.
CroatiaOther Consulting in FP7 project preparation, Preparation of proposal and budget, Project menagement of FP7 funded projects 
MICRO grupa d.o.o.
CroatiaCompany/SME IT 
Mihajlo Pupin Institute
Robotics Laboratory
SerbiaResearch Institute Bio-inspired robotic systems Capture motion and bio-mechanics Identification and control of non-linear dynamic systems Humanoid/biped robots Servi... 
Mihajlo Pupin Institute
Electrical Engineering
Robotics and Mechatronics
SerbiaResearch Institute Information and communication technologies, supervision and control in the electrical power system, water supply 
Mining and Metallurgy Institute Bor
SerbiaResearch Institute Geology, mineral prosessing, mining, metallurgy, chemical technology, ecology, technical science and multidisciplinary science. 
Ministry of Science and Technology of Republic of Srpska
Bosnia-HerzegovinaOther Main activities of the Ministry of Science and Technology are administrative and other expert tasks related to: science-research activities; strategy ... 
OtherOther Lorem Ipsum 
National and University Library St. Kliment Ohridski
Library Automation , digitization, Integrated Library Information Systems
FYR of MacedoniaOther Development of Library Information System, Digitization of old manuscripts, National bibliography activities 
OtherOther Our 21st Century solutions support the delivery of truly connected, coordinated care - from the patient’s visit to the Emergency Department to a tri... 
Ocean d.o.o.
Bosnia-HerzegovinaCompany/SME development of B2B systems 
Oikon Ltd. - Institute for Applied Ecology
Environmental medicine
CroatiaCompany/SME consultancy - scientific research in nature, health & environment protection: (monitoring, risk assessment and protection); energy (production, polic 
Open and Distance Learning and Digitalization Center Center
Electrical Engineering
Computer Science and Informatic
FYR of MacedoniaResearch Institute wireless sensor networks, intelligent information systems , multimedi content -based retrieval, animation, visualisation, advanced met6hod in educatio... 
Politechnic University of Tirana
Faculty of Information Technology
Departament of Computer Engineering
AlbaniaUniversity Research on these fields: Object Oriented Programming, Aspect Oriented Programming, compiler construction,Database, Web Technology, Web Application 
Project Automation S.p.A.
OtherCompany/SME Wide experience in managing projects in FP6 and FP7. R&D activities focused on egoverment, ejustice, ICT technologies applied to sustainable developme... 
proMENTE social research
Bosnia-HerzegovinaResearch Institute Evaluation and measurement of social change in transition countries 
Research Center for Cryptology and Coding Theory
Faculty of Sciences
Institute of Informatics
FYR of MacedoniaUniversity Research and development of cryptology and coding theory, based on the properties of quasigroup string properties. Design of several kinds of cryptog... 
CroatiaResearch Institute In the multi-disciplinary environment of the Institute more than 500 academic staff and graduate students work on problems in experimental and theoret 
Salzburg Research
Knowledge-based Information Systems
OtherResearch Institute The mission of Knowledge-based Information Systems (KIS) at Salzburg Research is to transfer know-how from research into useful applications. 
Science and Technology Park of the University of Rijeka Ltd.
FYR of MacedoniaCompany/SME Area of expertise No. 1: Marketing , Market research and Marketing strategy (starting) Area of expertise No. 2: IPA funding assistance (starting) Ar... 
Sigma-SB Kompjuteri DOO
FYR of MacedoniaCompany/SME  
Skills International L.L.C.
OtherCompany/SME International and EU projects in the field Innovative technologies in different sectors 
South East European University
Contemporary Sciences and Technologies
Computer Sciences
FYR of MacedoniaUniversity Currently published more then 40 research papers in several distinguished conferences among which 8 papers in IEEE conferences, papers in World confer... 
South East European University
Contemporary Sciences and Technologies
Computer Sciences
FYR of MacedoniaUniversity Currently published more then 15 research papers in several distinguished conferences among which 7 papers in IEEE conferences, 10 Papers in World con... 
South East European University (SEEU)
Research Office
FYR of MacedoniaUniversity Socio-economic sciences, IT, environment, languages 
SS Cyril and Methodius University
Faculty of electrical engineering and information technologies
Department of electronics
FYR of MacedoniaUniversity research of neural networks and neuromorphic systems' application in the field of VLSI Implementation of Neuromorphic Components and Systems and Appli... 
Ss. Cyril and Methodius University
Faculty of Mining and Geology
FYR of MacedoniaUniversity Research in field of mining, development of new methods and technology of exploitation of metals, non-metals, coal and dimension stone. Development of... 
SwS - Software Solution d.o.o.
Bosnia-HerzegovinaCompany/SME ERP solutions, software for special purposes 
Technology Park Zagreb
CroatiaCompany/SME technology transfer, liason with university, development of new products 
Bosnia-HerzegovinaCompany/SME TIDEA - Technical Assistance to Development Actions 
Univ. Goce Delcev Stip, Macedonia
Faculty of Mining, Geology and Politechnics; Faculty of Information Tech.
FYR of MacedoniaUniversity Programming, Data processing, Robotics, Numerical Simulations, Data Mining, Security, E-Learning 
Univ. Sts Cyril and Methodius
Faculty of electrical engineering and information technology
FYR of MacedoniaUniversity power engeneering, telecomunication, IT 
University - Research Active Institution
University American College Skopje
Faculty of Computer Science and Information Technology
FYR of MacedoniaUniversity Education 
University BK
Faculty of Management
Marketing & International Business
SerbiaUniversity - Study Research in industry development - Research in Security Issues - Prefessional research in service sector 
University FAN S. NOLI KORCE
Natural Sciences
AlbaniaUniversity online learning 
University Goce Delcev
Faculty of Mining, Geology and Polytechnics
Mineral Processing Technology
FYR of MacedoniaUniversity I am part of a team from Faculty of Natural Science - Skopje, that main research is deployment of quasigroups in cryptology, for building cryptograph... 
University Goce Delcev Stip
Pedagogical Faculty
FYR of MacedoniaUniversity Goce Delcev University was founded on 27 March 2007 by the Assembly of the Republic of Macedonia. The idea behind the establishment of a university in 
University Goce Delcev Stip
Tehnolosko tehnicki fakultet
FYR of MacedoniaUniversity Geostatistics 
University Kliment Ohritski - Bitola
Faculty for administration and management for information systems
FYR of MacedoniaUniversity Education and research 
University of Banja Luka
Faculty of Electrical Engineering
Department for Telecommunications
Bosnia-HerzegovinaUniversity Education 
University of Banja Luka
Rector's Office
Bosnia-HerzegovinaUniversity FP7 
University of Banja Luka
Bosnia-HerzegovinaUniversity RTD focus of the University depends on focus of its organizational units. So, there are many different fields in which our researches are active. 
University of Belgrade
Faculty of Philosophy
Center for Digital Archaeology
SerbiaUniversity Digitalization, interactivity, Fieldwork, Neolithic, ArchaeoPack, EDM, data-bases, Vinea, heritage management, education 
University of Belgrade
Technical faculty Bor; IC ETF Belgrade
SerbiaUniversity Electronics, informatics, materials 
University of Belgrade
Faculty of Organizational Sciences
Information Systems and Technologies
SerbiaUniversity R&D activities of Dr Vladan Devedzic and his associates are motivated by a long-term professional goal and a continuous effort to bring close together... 
University of Kragujevac
Center for Scientific Research
SerbiaUniversity Scientific parallel computing, Biomedical engineering, Software development, Computer graphics, Clinical information systems 
University of Montenegro
Faculty of Electrical Engineering
Electrical Engineering
MontenegroUniversity Signal processing, Control, Power systems, VLSI design, Electric machines, Telecommunications, Electromagnetics, Circuits and systems, Computers, Powe... 
University of Montenegro
Faculty of Natural Sciences and Mathematics
Deparrtment of mathematics and computer science
MontenegroUniversity Labyrint recognition with finite automata 
University of Montenegro
Faculty of Electrical and Computer Engineering
Dpt. of Electronics and Telecommunication
MontenegroUniversity General Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Electronics, Applied ICT systems, Industrial systems, Biomedical Engineering, Home and Building Automatiz... 
University of Montenegro
Faculty of philosophy
Foreign languages
University of Nis
Faculty of Electronic Engineering
Department of Mathematics
SerbiaUniversity Projects (all fully supported by Serbian Ministry of Science and Technology): Parallel Methods and Algorithms in Discrete Mathematics (2006) Paralle... 
University of Nis
Faculty of Sciences and Mathematics
Mathematics & Informatics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology & Ecology, Geography
SerbiaUniversity mathematics, computer science, physics, chemistry, biology, ecology, geography, tourismology 
University of Nis
Faculty of Electronic Engineering
Department of Mathematics
SerbiaUniversity Numerical algorithms, orthogonal polynomials, quadrature rules, interpolation, muntz systems 
University of Nis
SerbiaUniversity Multi-disciplinary research in the areas extending the individual scopes of the Faculties of the University of Nis 
University of Nis, Serbia
Faculty of Electronic Engineering Nis
Electronics and Computer Engineering
SerbiaUniversity M. Stojcev current research interest concern research and implementation aspects of wireless computer networks, sensor networks, embedded systems, rem... 
University of Novi Sad
Teachers Training Faculty
Department of Informatics and Media
SerbiaUniversity Teachers capacity building, Web portal, e-lectures, e-books, educational software 
University of Novi Sad
Faculty of Science
Department of Mathematics and Informatics
SerbiaOther Application of different programming, AI techniques, and document management in various domains (medicine, text mining, financing, learning). 
University of Novi Sad
The Faculty of Economics Subotica
Centre for National and International Projects
University of Novi Sad
Faculty of Science
Dep. of Mathematics and Informatics, Chair of Computer Science
SerbiaUniversity Fields of research include Multi-Agent Systems, E-learning methodologies, Software engineering, Data mining, Case Based Reasoning. She is (co)aut... 
University of Novi Sad
Faculty of Technical Sciences
Department for Traffic and Transportation
SerbiaUniversity We have a long-term experience in transport and logistics optimization in supply chains, logistics outsourcing decision-making, modelling intermodal t... 
University of Novi Sad Faculty of Sciences
Faculty of Sciences
SerbiaOther Faculty of Sciences’ main focus is on research in basic sciences, their application and connection with other disciplines (multidisciplinary approach) 
University of Rijeka
Centre for EU projects
CroatiaUniversity Various research fields. Centre for EU projects is multiplier and can connect you with our scientists. 
University of Rijeka
Faculty of Maritime Studies
CroatiaUniversity Main focus is oriented to development of maritime sustainable transport in general using interdiciplinary approach 
University of Sarajevo
School of Economics and Business
Department of Management and Information Technologies
Bosnia-HerzegovinaUniversity Business Continuity, Continuous Computing, Enterprise Information Systems, Information Technology Management, Server Operating Platforms 
University of Sarajevo
Faculty of Electrical Engineering
Department of Computer Science
Bosnia-HerzegovinaUniversity Research in Computer Science and Electrical Engineering 
University of Sarajevo
Faculty of Electrical Engineering
Department of Computer Science
Bosnia-HerzegovinaUniversity Information security, Cryptography, Optimization, Intrusion detection 
University of Sarajevo
Faculty of Electrical Engineering
Department of Computer Science
Bosnia-HerzegovinaUniversity RTD focus of the University depends on focus of its organizational units. So, there are many different fields in which our researches are active. 
University of Sarajevo
FACULTY OF MEDICINE and Faculty of Health
Medical Informatics
Bosnia-HerzegovinaUniversity scientific, research, education 
University of Sarajevo
Faculty of Civil Engineering Sarajevo
Geodesy Department
Bosnia-HerzegovinaUniversity GNSS, Remote sensing, GIS 
University of Sarajevo
Faculty of Mechanical Engineering
Department of Mechanical Design
Bosnia-HerzegovinaUniversity Mechanical Engineering 
University of Sarajevo
Mechanical Engineering Faculty
Department for Mechanical Design
Bosnia-HerzegovinaUniversity Scientific-research and consulting in the field of Mechanical Engineering/Design 
University of Sarajevo Dzemal Bijedic University of Mostar,
Faculty of Information Technologies
Bosnia-HerzegovinaUniversity OOA/D, Agile Methods, UML, Design Patterns, Model Driven Architectures, Unified Process, Aspect Oriented Programmes 
University of Zagreb
Faculty of Science
Laboratory for Systematic Botany and Flora, Department of Botany
CroatiaUniversity flora, taxonomy, phylogeny, conservation, modelling 
University of Zagreb
Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing
Department of Power and Energy Systems
CroatiaUniversity Research aim is to increase availability and reliability of Croatian electric power system and energy sector and resarch of energy markets. 
University of Zenica
Faculty of Mechanical Engineering in Zenica
Chair of Automation and Metrology
Bosnia-HerzegovinaUniversity Dimensional Metrology; Finite Element Analysis and Product Development 
University Ss Cyril and Methodius
Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technologies
Computer Science Department
FYR of MacedoniaUniversity Development of user centred distance education systems, with high level of user profiling using user affinities, usage of agent technology in prototyp... 
University Ss Cyril and Methodius
Faculty of Sciences
FYR of MacedoniaUniversity The organization focus - gathering the young research potential and connecting them with the foreign partners 
University Ss Cyril and Metodious
Electrical Engineering and Information Technologies
Computer Science
FYR of MacedoniaUniversity wireless sensor networks and systems, biotechnology, multimedia, digital libraries, future internertenvironmental sciences 
University Ss. Cyril and Methodius
Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technologies
Department Computer Science
FYR of MacedoniaUniversity Electrical engineering and information technologies 
University Ss. Cyril and Methodius
Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Iformation Technologies
Computer Science and Engineering
FYR of MacedoniaUniversity  
University Ss. Cyril and Methodius Skopje
Electrical Engineering and Information Technologies
FYR of MacedoniaUniversity Gigabit networks, fiber optics, wireless networks, wimax 
University St. Kliment Ohridski Bitola
Faculty of Administration and Information Systems Management Bitola
Information Systems Management
FYR of MacedoniaUniversity The research focus of the Information Systems Management Department is directed toward Information Systems, Bioinformatics and Biomedical Engineering 
World University Service BiH
Bosnia-HerzegovinaOther Support to the higher education