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Academia - Organization of young experts in Bosnia and Herzegovina
Bosnia-HerzegovinaResearch Institute Research and develpoment of Bosnian society in all aspects of life with help of all Bosnians who live all around the Globe 
Bosnia-HerzegovinaOther implementation of telepsychiatric services 
Agency for Sustainable Regional Development
OtherOther Sustainable Development 
Agricultural University of Athens
Laboratory of Agribusiness Management
Agricultural Economics and Rural Development
OtherUniversity advanced knowledge of psychometrics and advanced measurement and theory aspects in food and related consumer behaviour, high technology and food prod... 
Agricultural University Of Tirana
Faculty of Economy and Agribusiness
Department of Agribusiness Managment
AlbaniaUniversity Agribusiness Management 
FYR of MacedoniaOther Fostering lasting improvement in the democracy and governance in Macedonia and elsewhere in the region of South Eastern Europe. 
Austrian Academy of Sciences
Institute of Urban and Regional Research
OtherResearch Institute The institute focuses on urban, migration and regional development studies. 
Belgrade University
Faculty of Philosophy
Department of Sociology
SerbiaUniversity social structure transformation & sustainable development dialectics, privatization, participation, self-governance, recolonization war complex disast... 
Bird Study and Protection Society of Macedonia
Faculty of Natural Sciences
Zoological Dpt.
FYR of MacedoniaUniversity Avifauanistuical studies; Monitoring activities and inventories; Developemnt of a model for Managemant Plans Preparation according to EUROSITE scheme... 
Brodarski Institute - Institute of Applied Technologies
CroatiaResearch Institute Research and devlopment in marine technologies 
FYR of MacedoniaCompany/SME BSC ESTEK Consultants is the leading independent private Macedonia development consulting firm and one of the strongest consultancies, since 1991.. 
Business Education Center
Management Training
FYR of MacedoniaOther Human Resource Development 
CEDAR - Center for Economic Development and Research
Bosnia-HerzegovinaResearch Institute  
Center for Digitization of National Heritage
Faculty of Sciences
Institute of Informatics
FYR of MacedoniaUniversity Usage of information technologies for cultural and national heritage presentation. Development of new tools for old manuscripts recovering. Presentati... 
Center for Economic Analyses
FYR of MacedoniaResearch Institute Research of the economic development and economic policies in the Republic of Macedonia and offer policy relevant recommendations and solutions. 
Center for logistics and transportation Z-Logistics
MontenegroOther transport 
Center for Regional Policy Research and Cooperation Studiorum
Departments of Public Health / Decentralization / New Media and Society
FYR of MacedoniaResearch Institute Research on effective public health and health policies, patient safety and hospital accreditation processes 
Center for Research and Policy Making
FYR of MacedoniaResearch Institute CRPM works on several research areas focusing on issues such as: Do current policies affect economic growth? What are the available policy options? 
Center for Scientific Research of Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts and Unive
University of Nis
Section for History Section for Archeology and Art History Section for Biomedica
SerbiaUniversity The Center comprises eleven sections (mostly directed toward research in areas which have not yet been encompassed by the typical teaching and researc... 
Center for Spatial Information of Vojvodina Province
Faculty of Science - University of Novi Sad
Cet Bah
Bosnia-HerzegovinaCompany/SME architecture and construction, Designing, building housing, reconstruction, building, commercial buildings, design, 
Croatian Forestry Research Institute
CroatiaResearch Institute Institutes core activity is biotechnical scientific research in the field of forestry and horticulture. 
Croatian Institute for Local Government
CroatiaOther Democratisation and Capacity-building in Local Government 
Croatian Institute of History [Hrvatski institut za povijest]
CroatiaResearch Institute the program: The Disunited Croatian Kingdom in a European Civilizational Context 16th-18th Century includes following projects: The Military Frontier:... 
Dental office Respecta
Medical faculty Novi Sad
Public health
SerbiaOther online possibilites for public health activities 
Dzemal Bijedic University of Mostar
Bosnia-HerzegovinaUniversity Education, Research, Electronics, Telecommunications, Computer Science, Automation, Robotics, Power Engineering 
EDUCONS University
Faculty of Environmental Governance and Corporate Responsibility
SerbiaUniversity Environmental and environmental related assessment, research, consultancy, education 
OtherCompany/SME Engineering analysis Engineering project management Engineering services Engineering team creation Environmental Services Facility engineeri... 
EMKICE (Euro-Macedonian Knowledge Innovation Center)
FYR of MacedoniaOther Development of new technologies, Innovations and commercialization of innovative products 
Energy Institute Hrvoje Pozar
CroatiaResearch Institute Energy Sector, Energy Planning, Generation, Transformation, Distribution, Trasmission, Managment, Organisation, Renewables, Efficiency 
Euro-Balkan Institute
FYR of MacedoniaResearch Institute Research and postgraduate education in the social sciences and humanities by promoting a rare integrated interdisciplinary approach 
EuroBit d.o.o.
Bosnia-HerzegovinaCompany/SME Research, consulting services, design of business and technical information systems 
European Policy Institute
FYR of MacedoniaResearch Institute  
European University
Faculty of Informatics
FYR of MacedoniaUniversity Information Storage, Analysis and Retrieval; Software Engineering; Web Science; Intelligent Systems. 
Bosnia-HerzegovinaCompany/SME consulting, networking, project management, training 
Bosnia-HerzegovinaCompany/SME provision of consulting services for researchers related to project management 
OtherOther Geomatics Services 
Faculty of Agriculture University of Zagreb
Department of Marketing in Agriculture
CroatiaUniversity Marketing in agribusiness 
Faculty of Economics and Business Zagreb
CroatiaUniversity - reserach projects related to business administration and economics 
Faculty of Economy, Finance and Administration
Faculty of Economy, Finance and Administration
SerbiaUniversity Higher education 
Faculty of Forestry - Belgrade University
Faculty of Forestry
Chair for Forestry Economic and Organisation
SerbiaUniversity Forest value estimation, forestry investments rentability estimation, forest products market analysis, expirience in research of ecological and econom... 
Faculty of Management BK University Belgrade
Faculty of Management
Marketing and International Business
SerbiaUniversity - Brand Marketing - International Market Entry Strategy - Marketing and Business Planning - NPD - NIS - Industrial Development 
Faculty of Philosophy
Faculty of Philosophy, Novi Sad, Serbia
Fan S. Noli University
AlbaniaUniversity Departements of Philosophy, Sociology, Psychology, Education, Informatics, Nursing, Horticulture, Agrobusiness, Agro-food, Finance, Management, Turism... 
Fan S. Noli University
Faculty of Education
Foreign Language
AlbaniaUniversity Foreign Language French English Didactics Grammar Linguistics 
Fan S. Noli University
Faculty of Education
AlbaniaUniversity Education 
AlbaniaUniversity Effectivity of the private sector, competitive Analysis, public and private sector. -Reform in te Management of public sector -Reform in public serv... 
Fornet Ltd
SerbiaCompany/SME Our mission is to provide support to sustainable management and use of nature resources in the Balkan region. 
Gen-info d.o.o.
CroatiaCompany/SME Excellence in biomedical research, especially genetic epidemiology and gene discovery 
Geographical institute Jovan Cijic SASA
SerbiaResearch Institute  
Goce Delchev University
Faculty of music arts
Department of ethnochoreology
FYR of MacedoniaUniversity 
OtherCompany/SME Project Management 
HUPNOZ - Hrvatska udruga za promicanje novog obrazovanja i znanja
CroatiaOther Based on new science paradigm with holistic responsibility for our sciences and our life, HUPNOZ (Hrvatska Udruga za Promicanje Novog Obrazovanja i Zn... 
Hydro Engineering Institute Sarajevo
Civil Engineering Faculty
Bosnia-HerzegovinaResearch Institute applicative science combining in-office reseach with real case application in field of water and environment management 
FYR of MacedoniaCompany/SME Developing highly adaptable and flexible, easy scalable software solutions. 
Institut IGH, d.d.
CroatiaResearch Institute Research and development in civil engineering 
Institute for Anthropological Research
Socio-cultural and Linguistic Anthropology
CroatiaResearch Institute interdisciplinary bio-cultural studies, socio-cultural and linguistic anthropology 
Institute for Balkan Studies
Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts
SerbiaResearch Institute History of the Balkans, from prehistory to contemporary epoch 
Institute for Balkan Studies
Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts
SerbiaResearch Institute Studies on Serbian history 
Institute for Biological research Siniša Stankovic
University of Belgrade
SerbiaResearch Institute biological science 
Institute for Educational Research
SerbiaResearch Institute Mother tongue learning and human rights education 
Institute for Educational Research
Ministry of Science
SerbiaResearch Institute Subjects of the research are: curriculum, learning process, class management, encouragement of student creative potential, teacher training and family... 
Institute for Educational Research
SerbiaResearch Institute Investigations on technological and informatics education. Organization and realization of the symposium on Technology and informatics in education - ... 
Institute for Strategic Studies and Prognoses
MontenegroResearch Institute Macroeconomic analysis Information ownership and real way interpretation means knowledge. We have knowledge about the real sector, the labor market, ... 
Institute of Criminological and Sociological Research
SerbiaResearch Institute Researh in Crime, Crime Prevention, Crime of Violence, Organized Crime, Psychology of Crime 
Institute of criminological and sociological research
SerbiaResearch Institute  
Institute of economics
FYR of MacedoniaResearch Institute The Institute of Economics permanently follows up the achievement of the scientific thought in the world from theoretical, developing and applicable a... 
Institute of Ethnography
Serbian Academy of Science and Arts
SerbiaResearch Institute Serbia and Montenegro, Southeast Europe, ethnology, anthropology, ethnicity, minorities, migrations, everyday life, transition, education 
Institute of Ethnography Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts
SerbiaResearch Institute Research actvities: ethnographic and anthropological studies of modern and traditional cultures and ethnic groups in South Eastern Europe 
Institute of International Relations
European Council on International Relations- West Balkans Studies
West Balkans Studies
OtherResearch Institute Energy Policy 
Institute of Musicology
SerbiaResearch Institute Westernization, 19th and 20th Century Serbian music, Greek music, Balkan music. 
Institute of Musicology
Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts
SerbiaResearch Institute Musicology, ethnomusicology, orthodox church music, traditional folk music, folk singing, folk instruments, European musical styles in the works of Se... 
Institute of Nuclear Science Vinca
Laboratory of Theoretical Physics and Condensed Matter Physics
SerbiaResearch Institute Basic research in physics, biology, chemistry, and materials 
Institute of Nuclear Science Vinca
Department for Physical Chemistry
SerbiaResearch Institute Generally, different areas of physical-chemistry, physics, etc. 
Institute of protection, ecology and informatics, Banja Luka
Bosnia-HerzegovinaResearch Institute environmental protection, safety of work, fire protection etc. 
Institute of Public Health
Faculty of medicine
Centar of referent laboratories, Dep. of parasitoly
FYR of MacedoniaResearch Institute  
Institute of Social Sciences
SerbiaResearch Institute Education Policy Studies Sociology of Knowledge Methodology Applied Sociology Social Capital Human Capital Family and Life Cycle 
Institute of Technical Sciences
Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts
SerbiaResearch Institute Scientific and research work in the field of advanced technology and materials, and their development through basic and applied research. 
Strategy & Marketing Auditing
SerbiaCompany/SME - Research projects (qualitative, quantitative) incl.short analitical background reports/papers - Consulting (Business, Marketing & Developement Issu... 
International Burch University
International Scientific Forum Danube - River of Cooperation (ISF DRC)
SerbiaOther Sustainable use of resources in accordance with the EU Strategy for the Danube Region 
International Scientific Forum Danube - River of Cooperation (ISFDRC)
SerbiaOther International regional and cross-border cooperation - regional and interregional studies - sustainable use of natural and cultural resources - foreign... 
International University of Sarajevo
Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences
Visual Arts and Communication Design
IPSA Institute Sarajevo
Bosnia-HerzegovinaCompany/SME Sustainable Transport System Development 
IVO PILAR Institute of Social Sciences
CroatiaResearch Institute The Institute has Regional centers in Split, Osijek, Gospić, Vukovar, Pula and Dubrovnik. Basic, applied, and developmental research includes discip... 
CroatiaUniversity Mechanical engineering construction is a starting point in a product development. Design process as the process information transformation from the st... 
Kings College, University of London
Law School
Criminal Law
AlbaniaOther Research on Corruption 
Kingston University
Business School
Small Business Research Centre
OtherUniversity Research on all aspects of entrepreneurship and small business development 
KORCA University, CRMS( Center for Research & methodology Studies)
AlbaniaUniversity TEMPUS MOBILITY GRANTS Creation inside the Economic Faculty) of BAC UNDP _ Bocconi University Italy TEMPUS JEP- France, Greecce, NEDMED - COUNTR... 
AlbaniaUniversity research and education 
FYR of MacedoniaCompany/SME Interpretation, translation and protocol 
Bosnia-HerzegovinaOther enviroment, energy, sustainable development, rural development 
Macedonian Academy of Sciences and Arts
Lexicographic Centre
FYR of MacedoniaResearch Institute Macedonia, Balkan, culture, history 
Mechanical Engineering Faculty
Production Engineering Department
Laboratory for Producton Metrology and TQM
SerbiaUniversity • Research and Development Production Information Systems; • Research and Development of Expert Systems for Maintenance and Inspectio... 
Megatrend University Belgrade
Faculty for Biofarming
SerbiaUniversity Breeding for resistance to Puccinia triticina. 
Menemen Soil & Water Resources Research Institute
OtherResearch Institute The Institute has focused on researches of effective and sustainable management of Soil and Water Resources in western Turkey. 
MICRO grupa d.o.o.
CroatiaCompany/SME IT 
Mining and Metallurgy Institute Bor
SerbiaResearch Institute Geology, mineral prosessing, mining, metallurgy, chemical technology, ecology, technical science and multidisciplinary science. 
Ministry of Education and Science
Department for Higher Education and Science
MontenegroOther Coordination of FP7 NCP network, Tempus programme, NARIC centre; Leading the process of European integrations in the field of science Strategic pla... 
Ministry of Science and Technology of Republika Srspka
Bosnia-HerzegovinaOther Main activities of the Ministry of Science and Technology are administrative and other expert tasks 
Oikon Ltd. - Institute for Applied Ecology
Environmental medicine
CroatiaCompany/SME consultancy - scientific research in nature, health & environment protection: (monitoring, risk assessment and protection); energy (production, polic 
program production
SerbiaCompany/SME Independent tour operator for Serbia and the Balkans 
proMENTE social research
Bosnia-HerzegovinaResearch Institute Evaluation and measurement of social change in transition countries 
AlbaniaCompany/SME Quality and Safety (Food, Environment, Health) Management/Technical Consulting for businesses, governmental agencies, labs, universities, hospitals 
S-ts Cyril and Methodius
Faculty of Philosophy
FYR of MacedoniaUniversity National coordiantor in International projects (EU-Inco Copernicus programme, ASO Project, ); Member of national projects ( Political values of the ... 
Science and Technology Park of the University of Rijeka Ltd.
Scuola Superiore SantAnna
FYR of MacedoniaUniversity http://www.micoapostolov.com/ 
Secretariat for Implementation of Ohrid Framework Agreement
ss. Cyril and Methodius University - Faculty of Philosophy
FYR of MacedoniaOther  
international relations
SerbiaCompany/SME ... 
Semler Research Centre
Mr. Subbaiah MD
Associate Director - Business
OtherCompany/SME semler research center contract research organizations, clinical research organizations, pharmaceutical research and development 
shkodra University
AlbaniaUniversity TOURISM DEPARTMENT is involved in a lot of national and international projects in RTD 
Skills International L.L.C.
OtherCompany/SME International and EU projects in the field Innovative technologies in different sectors 
South East European University (SEEU)
Research Office
FYR of MacedoniaUniversity Socio-economic sciences, IT, environment, languages 
Ss Cyril & Methodius University
Natural Sciences & Mathematics
FYR of MacedoniaUniversity Material Science, Food analysis, Soil & Air analysis 
Ss Cyril and Methodius University
Faculty of Natural Sciences and Mathematics
Institute of Physics
FYR of MacedoniaUniversity Research area is in understanding physics concepts, identifing misconceptions and their roots. How experiments can help in fighting misconceptions. Us... 
Ss. Cyril and Methodius
Faculty of Economics
FYR of MacedoniaUniversity My latest R&D activities were related with the Macedonian securuties market and involved the first attempt to determine the companies betas and the le... 
Ss. Cyril and Methodius University
Faculty of Economics
Financial Management
FYR of MacedoniaUniversity equilibrium exchange rates; money demand; stabilization policy in small open economies; foreign trade; inflation modeling. 
State University of Tetova
Faculty of Natural and Mathematics Science
FYR of MacedoniaUniversity Academic 
State University of Tetovo
Office of International Relations
FYR of MacedoniaUniversity Medical laboratories, materials testing laboratory, construction 
Sts Cyril and Methodius University
Faculty of natural sciences and mathematics
FYR of MacedoniaUniversity Cultures and societies. 
Bosnia-HerzegovinaCompany/SME TIDEA - Technical Assistance to Development Actions 
Univ. Goce Delcev Stip, Macedonia
Faculty of Mining, Geology and Politechnics; Faculty of Information Tech.
FYR of MacedoniaUniversity Programming, Data processing, Robotics, Numerical Simulations, Data Mining, Security, E-Learning 
University Università degli Studi di Salento Lecce Italy
OtherUniversity Graduated with the maximum of the votes 110 e lode besides the University of Lecce, Faculty of Law. Research : International and Costitutional prote... 
University - Research Active Institution
University American College Skopje
School of Foreign Languages
FYR of MacedoniaUniversity  
University BK
Faculty of Management
Marketing & International Business
SerbiaUniversity - Study Research in industry development - Research in Security Issues - Prefessional research in service sector 
University East Sarajevo
Medical Faculty Foca
Bosnia-HerzegovinaUniversity education and research in field of bomedical scince, 
University Fan S. Noli Korce
Faculty of Economy
Marketing & Tourism
AlbaniaUniversity The focus of our organization is education and research in economy science, marketing and tourism 
University Goce Delcev Stip
Faculty of Mining, Geology and Polytechnics
Hidrogeology and Ingeneering Geology
FYR of MacedoniaUniversity  
University Ismail Qemali of Vlora
Faculty of Economy and Law
Departament of Tourism
AlbaniaUniversity Learning and researching on the main development fields of albanian society 
University Ismail Qemali Vlore
College of Arts and Education
Department of Foreign Languages
AlbaniaResearch Institute language 
University Ismail Qemali Vlore
Economy and Law
AlbaniaUniversity Civil law, criminal law, criminology, mediation, european law, buesness law, administration law, human rights law, judical sistem, family law 
University Megatrend
Faculty for Biofarming
Sustainable animal production
SerbiaUniversity Breeding goals and programmes for sustainable animal agriculture, sustainable intensification and the development of livestock production systems 
University of Banja Luka
Rector's Office
Bosnia-HerzegovinaUniversity FP7 
University of 'St. Cyril and Methodius'
Faculty of Philosophy
Department of Sociology
FYR of MacedoniaUniversity Published number of books, as well as numerous articles in domestic and international journals. Have worked individually and in team as consultant o... 
University of Banja Luka
Bosnia-HerzegovinaUniversity RTD focus of the University depends on focus of its organizational units. So, there are many different fields in which our researches are active. 
University of Belgrade
Faculty of Forestry
Department of Landscape Architecture
SerbiaUniversity Axonometric projecting, oblique projection, oblique perspective pictures, perspective pictures under angle, frontal perspective pictures, central proj... 
University of Belgrade
Faculty of Philosophy
Department of Sociology
SerbiaUniversity Sociological research and education 
University of Belgrade
Faculty of Philosophy
Department of Sociology
SerbiaUniversity Sociology, religion, peace studies, inter-religious dialogue, Christianity, Islam 
University of Belgrade
Faculty of Philosophy
Classical philology
SerbiaUniversity Heraclea Lyncestis, Macedonia, Sirmium, Martyrs, Digressions in Ammianus Marcellinus 
University of Belgrade
Faculty of Philosophy
Institute of Psychology
SerbiaUniversity The institute deals mostly with various topics related to education process and process of children’s development and partly with studying psycholog... 
University of Belgrade
Faculty of Philosophy
Art History
SerbiaUniversity Research: 1. Elements of the work of art and methods of their interpretation. 2. Development of art history, through leading art historians (incl. t... 
University of Belgrade
Faculty of Forestry
Wood Processing Department
SerbiaUniversity Research of wood products market 
University of Belgrade
Faculty of Philosophy
Center for Digital Archaeology
SerbiaUniversity Digitalization, interactivity, Fieldwork, Neolithic, ArchaeoPack, EDM, data-bases, Vinea, heritage management, education 
University of Belgrade
Faculty of Philosophy
Department of History
SerbiaUniversity Humanities and social sciences 
University of Belgrade
Faculty of Philosophy
Department of History Chair of Ancient Greek and Near Eastern History
SerbiaUniversity Ancient Greek History, Pharaonic Egypt, Greek Epigraphy, Pagan Cults, Ancient Anatolia 
University of Belgrade
Faculty of Philosophy
Institute for Sociological Research
SerbiaUniversity Global features and transformation of society in Serbia for the past three decades 
University of Belgrade
Faculty of Philosophy
Dept of Sociology
SerbiaUniversity Up to now I was and have been involved in several major projects: 1) 1987-1991 - Institutionalization and professionalization of Yugoslav Sociolog... 
University of Belgrade
Technical faculty Bor; IC ETF Belgrade
SerbiaUniversity Electronics, informatics, materials 
University of Belgrade
Faculty of Philosophy
Department of Ethnology and Anthropology
SerbiaUniversity Cultural change 
University of Belgrade
Faculty of Philosophy
Department of History
University of Belgrade
Mechanical Engineering
SerbiaUniversity Security & Safety of Motor Vehicles 
University of East Sarajevo
Faculty of Economy
Bosnia-HerzegovinaUniversity Research, Development, Bussiness, SME, Public Sector, Consulting 
University of East Sarajevo
Faculty of Technology
Food Science and Food Technology
Bosnia-HerzegovinaUniversity Chemical engineering, Food engineering, Qualty of product, Food Safety and Food Quality, Nutrition, Enveronmental management, Science of Mater, Naial 
University of Kragujevac
Faculty of Economics
SerbiaUniversity Economy, Business, Management, Finance, Accounting, Tourism, Marketing, Stock Exchange, Entrepreneurship, Business Information Systems, E - Business 
University of Montenegro
Faculty of philosophy
Foreign languages
University of Montenegro, Institute for history
Institute for history, Istorijski institut Univerziteta Crne Gore
MontenegroResearch Institute European an Balcan history, 
University of Nis
Faculty of Economics
SerbiaUniversity Management, Marketing, Banking, Accounting and audit, Finance, Planning and analysis, Foreign trade 
University of Nis
Faculty of Civil Engineering and Architecture
University of Novi Sad
Faculty of Philosophy
Department of Serbian Language and Linguistics, Department of Serbian Literature
SerbiaUniversity Humanities and Social Sciences (History, Sociology, Philosophy, Pedagogy, Psychology)Linguistics, Languages and Literatures (Serbian Language and Ling... 
University of Novi Sad
The Faculty of Economics Subotica
Centre for National and International Projects
University of Novi Sad
SerbiaUniversity Research interests include psycholinguistics of morphological processing, probabilistic models of language processing and lexical statistics. 
University of Novi Sad
Faculty of Economics
Department of Agricultural Economics and Agribusiness
SerbiaUniversity Agriculture and economic development, Agricultural and rural development, Agricultural and rural policy 
University of Novi Sad
Faculty of Humanities
English Department
SerbiaUniversity Translation of Substandard Urban Language in Contemporary Literature, Cultural Realia in Translation 
University of Novi Sad
Faculty of Agriculture
Department of Field and Vegetable Crops
SerbiaUniversity Agriculture, education, research, know-how 
University of Novi Sad
Faculty of Sciences and Mathematics
Department of Geography, Tourism and Hotel Management
SerbiaUniversity PROJECTS within last five years: 1. Geographic monographs of municipalities in Vojvodina Province 2. Folklore heritage in tourism of Banat Region 3... 
University of Novi Sad Faculty of Sciences
Faculty of Sciences
SerbiaOther Faculty of Sciences’ main focus is on research in basic sciences, their application and connection with other disciplines (multidisciplinary approach) 
University of Primorska
Science and Research Centre of Koper (SRC Koper)
OtherUniversity The Science and Research Centre of the Republic of Slovenia, Koper (SRC Koper), was founded on 1st December 1994. It started with activities in the sa... 
University of Rijeka
Centre for EU projects
CroatiaUniversity Various research fields. Centre for EU projects is multiplier and can connect you with our scientists. 
University of Rijeka
Faculty of Maritime Studies
CroatiaUniversity Main focus is oriented to development of maritime sustainable transport in general using interdiciplinary approach 
University of Sarajevo
Faculty of Economics
Department of Marketing
Bosnia-HerzegovinaUniversity Market, business, analyses, SMEs, business education 
University of Sarajevo
Faculty of Political Science
Institute for Social Research
Bosnia-HerzegovinaUniversity Political sciences 
University of Sarajevo
Institute for History
Bosnia-HerzegovinaUniversity History of B&H 
University of Sarajevo
Faculty of Economics
Department of Structural Engineering, Water Engineering, Road and Railway Engine
Bosnia-HerzegovinaUniversity Structures, Building Materials, Computational Engineering, Ecology, Water Engineering, Highway, Road Planning, Stability pact 
University of Sarajevo
Faculty of Criminal Justice
Institute for Criminalistics and Forensic Sciences Institute for Security Studie
Bosnia-HerzegovinaUniversity Crime, Criminalities, Evidence Gathering, Crime Prevention 
University of Sarajevo
Institute for Research of Crimes Against Humanity and International Law
Bosnia-HerzegovinaResearch Institute Focus of the Institute is genocide, crimes against humanity, and holocaust research, and publishing of these and related topics. 
University of Sarajevo
FACULTY OF MEDICINE and Faculty of Health
Medical Informatics
Bosnia-HerzegovinaUniversity scientific, research, education 
University of Sarajevo
Faculty of Civil Engineering Sarajevo
Geodesy Department
Bosnia-HerzegovinaUniversity GNSS, Remote sensing, GIS 
University of St. Cyril and Metodi
Faculty for veterinary medicine
Department of management and economy
FYR of MacedoniaUniversity management of food chain, economics of agriculture, management and marketing of veterinary practice, 
OtherUniversity University of Thessaly, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine 
University of Tuzla
Faculty of Philosophy
Bosnia-HerzegovinaUniversity to be inserted 
University of Tuzla
Faculty of Electrical Engineering
Department for Network and System Theory
Bosnia-HerzegovinaUniversity R&D are based on the application of the various models and methods on energy networks, specially on the power systems. The energy problems are highlig... 
University of Vlora
Economy and Law
Business Administration
AlbaniaUniversity Tourism Departament of the Vlora University is an academic and research unit made up by young and dynamic people that have focused their work on teac... 
University of Zagreb
Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences
Dept. of Sociology
CroatiaUniversity Members of the Dept have been involved in numerous basic and applied research projects, particularly in the following areas: social ecology/environmen... 
University of Zagreb
Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences
University of Zagreb
Faculty of Science
Laboratory for Systematic Botany and Flora, Department of Botany
CroatiaUniversity flora, taxonomy, phylogeny, conservation, modelling 
University of Zagreb
Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing
Department of Power and Energy Systems
CroatiaUniversity Research aim is to increase availability and reliability of Croatian electric power system and energy sector and resarch of energy markets. 
University of Zenica
Mechanical Engineering
Automatisation and metrology, CAD technologies
Bosnia-HerzegovinaUniversity Development of numerical solvers for various (multi-)physics problems 
University Ss Cyril and Methodius
Faculty of economics
FYR of MacedoniaUniversity Marketing reserch 
University Ss Cyril and Methodius
Medicacal faculty
Environmental and Occupational Health
FYR of MacedoniaUniversity Global Public Health Threats 
University Ss, Cyril and Methodius
Faculty of Economics
Department of Economics
FYR of MacedoniaUniversity The oldest and the best scientific and educationla institution for economic and business education and research 
University Ss. Cyril and Methodius
Institute for Sociological Political and Juridical Research
Social psychology
FYR of MacedoniaUniversity Authoritarianism, Social Threat, Social change, Democracy Mass media communication 
University Ss. Cyril and Methodius
Institute for Sociological Political and Juridical Research
Center for Management and Human Resource Development
FYR of MacedoniaUniversity Participated in the various research and educational projects in different fields: management, economy, public administration, education, social syste... 
University Ss. Cyril and Methodius
Faculty of Philosophy
Institute of Social Policy and Social Work
FYR of MacedoniaUniversity Academic/research 
University Ss. Cyril and Methodius,
Institute for Sociological Political and Juridical Research
FYR of MacedoniaResearch Institute -Author of research analysis: Quality of life for the project: Sociological analysis of Skopje -Author of the text: Personality structure and stress... 
University Ss. Cyril and Methodius, Skopje
Faculty of Law Iustinianus Primus
FYR of MacedoniaUniversity Political, social and juridical research in the areas of democracy, political philosophy, transitology, ethnic conflict, theory of peace and conflicts... 
University Ss. Cyril and Methoduis - Business Start-up Centre (UKIM - BSC)
Mechanical engineering
Industrial engineering and management
FYR of MacedoniaUniversity Innovation, entrepreneurship, entrepreneurial learning, start-up support 
University St Kliment Ohridski
Faculty of Biotechnical Sciences
FYR of MacedoniaUniversity Management of biotechnology, agri business, international management 
University St Kliment Ohridski
Faculty of biotechnical sciences
Agri business
FYR of MacedoniaUniversity marketing management, management of biotechnology, agri bussines 
University St. Cyril and Methodius, Skopje
Faculty of Philosophy
FYR of MacedoniaUniversity My main interest for scientific research is in the field of Developmental psychology, specially the field of Moral development. For my master thesis I... 
University St. Cyril and Methodius, Skopje
Faculty of Philosophy
Institute of psychology
FYR of MacedoniaUniversity -organizational behavior, psychological contract development, work values, careers (career stages, career orientations), work analyses 
University St. Cyrill and Methodius
Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology
Power Systems, Management and Control
FYR of MacedoniaUniversity Education; Research, Application; 
Univerzitet u Novom sadu
Filozofski fakultet
Univerzity Ss Cyril and Methodius
Faculty of Philosophy
FYR of MacedoniaUniversity 
Veterinary Institute RS ~Dr Vaso Butozan~
Bosnia-HerzegovinaOther Diagnostic and sample procession 
Victoria Consulting
SerbiaCompany/SME Organisations process improvements and savings through environmental and management consulting and engineering. 
VING d.o.o
SerbiaCompany/SME Energy efficiency and Renewable energy for better tomorrow 
Women’s lobby and action against violence and trafficking in women - Open Gate, La Strada
FYR of MacedoniaOther Our mission is to fight for womens rights, to protect and support victims of violence and human trafficking, and to educate the community at large. 
World University Service BiH
Bosnia-HerzegovinaOther Support to the higher education