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Energy Institute Hrvoje Pozar

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StreetSavska cesta 163 
ZIP, City, State 10001 - Zagreb (Croatia) 
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Goran Granic (General Manager)
 Employees in RTD
 Activities in Research and Development

 RTD sectors:
» Construction technology     
» Energy storage and supply     
» Energy production/transformation     
» Fossil energy      
» Renewable energy     
» Energy efficiency     
» Other energy topics     
» Air Pollution treatment     
» Water treatment     
» Environment Pollution (Measuring, Health)     
» Transport Infrastructure     
» Automobile     
» Transport by rail or sea     
» Other transport topics     
» Other technical sciences     
» Research Services (Consulting)     
» Economics & business sciences     
» Other technical sciences     

 Area of expertise (keywords)
» energy, renewable energy, energy system, energy system planning, energy managment, energy efficiency, RES, financing, trasmission, distribution, transformation, generation, wind, hydro, biomass, biogas, waste, ocean, marine, solar, geothermal, heat pumps, boiler, photovoltaic, smart metering, power plant, enviornment, EMAS, protection
 RTD Experiences

 RTD focus of organization
Energy Sector, Energy Planning, Generation, Transformation, Distribution, Trasmission, Managment, Organisation, Renewables, Efficiency

 Description of RTD activities
March 2003, EIHP was transformed from a Company to an Institution following the Decree of the Government of Croatia.
EIHP mission is strategic development of Croatian energy system through expert and scientific support to legislative reform processes, advancement of economic relations and development of relevant institutions.

The EIHP’s main tasks include: expert and scientific research in the field of energy for state, regional and local administration and energy companies; expertise and analyses for the Croatian Energy Regulatory Council; management of National Energy Programs and pilot projects; organization of seminars, workshops and courses; publication of editions, periodicals and other forms of communication with experts, scientists and the general public. EIHP also actively cooperates with national and international private, public, governmental and non-governmental institutions and companies providing energy related consulting services in the field of energy auditing, energy efficiency, renewable energy sources, environmental analyses and environmental protection. EIHP carries out its mission in cooperation with numerous experts and institutions from Croatia and abroad.

Currently, EIHP has 66 employees: 14 with Ph.D. degree, 18 with M.Sc. degree and 27 with engineering or other B.Sc. degree. There are 6 Departments in EIHP.

Department for Renewable Energy Sources and Energy Efficiency
The Department specialises in renewable energy sources (RES) and energy efficiency (EE), as well as the environmental impact of the energy sector. The Department’s activities include research of the energy utilisation potential in the field of RES and EE, quantification of the environmental impact of energy facilities, associated economic and financial analyses, the development of a stimulating legislative environment, and organization and implementation of different programmes and pilot projects. Considering that the Department’s projects are executed on a local level, special attention is given to promotion and education, the organisation of expert-scientific and promotional conferences, and public opinion research.
A significant portion of the Department’s activities is taken up with specific projects related to RES and EE (buildings, non-commercial services sector, SMEs etc.) which are implemented in cooperation with municipalities, cities and counties, ministries and other institutions such as the Environmental Protection and Energy Efficiency Fund.
Special attention is also given to international cooperation, where it is worth to mention the participation in the work of International Energy Agency – IEA, branch involved with Biomass, as well as in the work of different workgroups within the European Energy Network; World Renewable Energy Network – WREN; European Wind Energy Association - EWEA. The Department actively cooperates with different bodies and organisations of the United Nations and the World Bank, and in recent years there has been significant cooperation with the EU, through CARDS projects and FP6, FP7 and IEE programmes. Energy System Planning
Department for Energy Management and Organization
EIHP provides expert support to the national administrative bodies, local and regional administrative bodies and to businesses operating in the energy sector. Other significant activities include: work related to the regulation and supervision of the activities of various energy subjects on the Croatian energy market; establishment of an organized environment necessary for the functioning of national energy sector on market principles; questions related to the dynamism of the energy sector’s opening in regard to European Union Directives concerning the liberalization of the electricity and gas markets.
Department for Energy Generation and Transformation
EIHP specializes in energy system operation and development, analyses in the field of energy generation and transformation, operating strategies in energy, as well as analyses for decision makers. EIHP traditionally manages energy system development planning projects, i.e. Master Plans.
Activities regarding the efficiency of energy generation and consumption are also are considered significant. Moreover, concepts and implementation models for energy efficiency (ESCO model) which have favorable effects on energy systems by promoting public-private partnerships are also developed.
Department for Energy Transmission and Distribution
In the field of energy transmission and distribution EIHP primarily researches various technical aspects for planning and management of the national transmission and distribution network. Within the multitude of activities, special emphasis is given to: regional planning of transmission networks in southeast Europe and the impact of UCTE reconnection on national transmission network; static and dynamic transmission system throughput and the identification and management of technical and operating constraints in transmission; regulation, planning, operation and control of electrical energy networks with a high level of integration of renewable distributed energy sources such as wind farms.
Department for IT and Communications
In order to satisfy growing requirements for a technologically advanced level of utilization of information, computing and communications resources in energy sector, EIHP has been founded a separate IT department.

 Experiences in international Programmes
Energy Institute Hrvoje Pozar’s consulting experience comprises of wide spectrum of projects completed for a diverse pool of clients:

• Government of Republic of Croatia
• Counties and cities in Republic of Croatia
• Croatian Electric Utility Company (HEP)
• HEP Energy Service Company (HEP ESCO)
• INA – Croatian Petrol Industry
• Croatian Motorways (Hrvatske autoceste)
• Agrokor d.d.
• Končar d.d.
• Other private companies
• World Bank
• European Bank for Reconstruction and Development
• KfW Bankengruppe
• Government of the Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina
• Government of Republic of Srpska
• European Commission
• Energy Community Secreteriat
• Regional Environmental Centre for Central and Eastern Europe
• ENR (European Energy Network)
• EES-UETP (Electric Energy Systems - University Enterprise Training Partnership)
• EUROHEAT - The International Association For District Heating, District Cooling And Combined Heat And Power
• ENGVA (European Natural Gas Vehicle Association)
• CARNET (Croatian Academic and Research NETwork)

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