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ICT, Electronic, Telecomm136 
Ind. Technology, Material176 
Security & Environment225 
Transport & Aeronautics56 
Food & Agriculture206 
Biotech & Medicine265 
Technical sciences87 
None technical209 

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 FYR of Macedonia241 

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Institute of Nuclear Science Vinca
Laboratory for Molecular genetics and Radiobiology

 Contact data
StreetMike Petrovica Alasa 12-14 P.O.Box 522 
ZIP, City, State 11001 - Belgrade (Serbia) 
Phone+ 381 637039163 
Fax+ 381 11 8066868 
 Contact person

PhD Esma Isenovic (Principal Scientist, Professor (Research))
 Employees in RTD
> 100
 Activities in Research and Development

 RTD sectors:
» Electronics, Microelectronics     
» Telecommunications     
» Industrial manufacture     
» Electro technology     
» Construction technology     
» Chemical technologies     
» Micro and Nanotechnologies     
» Bio technology     
» Medicine and Health     
» Diagnostics     
» Pharmaceutics     
» Chemistry     
» Physics     
» Measurement and testing     
» Other technical sciences     

 Area of expertise (keywords)
» Diabetes and Cardiovascular Diseases
» Metabolic syndrome X
 RTD Experiences

 RTD focus of organization
Institute Vinca

 Description of RTD activities
Insulin, IGF-1, Ang II, Estradiol, Diabetes, Hypertension, Signal transduction, Diabetes, Cardiovascular biology, Metabolic syndrome

 Experiences in international Programmes
2000-2003: Pilot Project Program, Deans Initiative inResearch Investment, Vascular Interaction of Estradioland IGF-1 in Insulin Resistance, Principal Invest.: EsmaIsenovic, Ph.D. 2000-2003: NIH (1 R01 HL66119-01) Ang II and IGF-1Interaction in Cardiovascular Tissue, Co-Investigator: 2001-2003: NOVARTIS: Effect of Inhibition of the ReninAngiotensin System (RAS) on Insulin Sensitivity inVascular Smooth Muscle Cells (VSMC) and EndothelialCells (EC): Valsartan Effects on Insulin Mediated NitricOxide Production, Sodium Pump Activation and GlucoseTransport, Co-Investigator: Esma Isenovic, Ph.D. 2003-2003: NIH (1 R01) Ang II Opposes Insulin MediatedVasorelaxation and Glucose Utilization: Role of ROS and RhoA, Co-Investigator: Esma Isenovic, Ph.D., 2002-2003: VA Merit Review Vascular Protein Kinase B/Akt and Rho Signaling, Co-Investigator: Esma Isenovic, Ph.D 2004-present EU coperation Grant COST B17: Obesityand Diabetes mellitus in the Elderly, Principal Invest.:Esma Isenovic, Ph.D. 2004-present European Commission Framework Programme: EqualProject (EC4): Multi-National External Quality Assay (EQA) Programmes in Clinical Molecular Diagnostics based on Performance and Interpretation of PCR assay including dissemination and training, supported by the European Community within the FP6 programme.Principal Invest.: Esma Isenovic, Ph.D. 2005: pending- Collaborative Grant with University of Ljubljana, School of Medicine, Response to insulin on cellular level Principal Invest.: Esma Isenovic, Ph.D.

 Organisation is/was involved in projects funded by the following RTD programmes
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EU Framework Programme (FP)

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