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University of Belgrade
Faculty of Philosophy
Institute of Psychology

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StreetCika Ljubina 18-20 
ZIP, City, State 11000 - Belgrade (Serbia) 
Phone+ 381 11 639 724 + 381 11 185 
Fax+ 381 11 639 724 
 Contact person

Prof. Bora Kuzmanovic (Director)
 Activities in Research and Development

 RTD sectors:
» Socioeconomic sciences     
 RTD Experiences

 Description of RTD activities
The institute deals mostly with various topics related to education process and process of children’s development and partly with studying psychological aspects of social phenomena. Here are some topics that we are dealing with:
• educational aspects of school as well as researching on school as an factor in process of socialization.
• violence in schools (school program aimed to support nonviolent conflict resolutions in pupils has been developed)
• the Institute is a leading national organization which has been engaged in the most important and serious large scale assessment studies of student achievements in Serbia in collaboration with various international partners.
• the Institute has a long tradition of conceptualization and analysis of textbooks and highly specialised experts in that field. The institute participated in several international and national projects dedicated to various aspects of textbooks conceptualization and analysis.
• teacher training (two very important in-service teacher training programs have been developed, they deal with supporting active learning and critical thinking in students).
• children’s development in various social contexts (context of social crisis, war disturbed environment, poverty context)
• diverse aspects of cognitive development and social factors that influence it
• development of gifted children.

Projects funded by Ministry of Science, Technology and Development, Republic of Serbia and Ministry of Education and Sport, Republic of Serbia:
- The process of developing of new competencies and behavior patterns in a changing society (2002-2005).
- Psychological problems in a changing society (2006-2010).
- Identification and follow up of gifted students (1988-2006 in collaboration with Republic Foundation for Gifted and Talented Students in Serbia)

 Experiences in international Programmes
We participated in many programs concerning different problems (for example: child development in war disturbed environment, development and education in the context of social crisis and transition, particular problems of different age and social groups, teacher training, conceptualization and analysis of textbooks, learning assessment…) in cooperation with the relevant international organizations such as UNICEF, UNESCO, SIDA, Save the Children, OSI, PISA
Projects recently accomplished by the institute:
 Supporting and promoting child's development in the war disturbed environment (1992-1994, Institut of Psychology & UNICEF)
 Active learning (1995 – 2006, Institut of Psychology & UNICEF) program for supporting active learning in classrooms
 The Classroom of Good Will (1994-2006, Institut of Psychology & NGO Group MOST)
 Culture of Critical Thinking program for development and supporting of critical thinking in learning and instruction (1999-2006, Institute of Psychology, Open Society Institute & NGO Group MOST)
 Comprehensive Analysis of Primary Education in the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia (2000-2003, Institute of Psychology & UNICEF)
 Children without Parental Care (2000 – 2002, Institute of Psychology in collaboration with Save the Children, UK)
 Education of Refugee Children in the War Disturbed Environment (2002-2004, supported by UNESCO)
 Program for International Students' Assessment (2002-2006, OECD/PISA)
 Textbook quality: Standards for Evaluation (2004-2006, Ministry of Education and Sport, Institut of Psychology & Open Society Institute)
 Democracy in Education – Education for Democracy (Institut of Psychology & SIDA, Stockholm)
 Serbia Education Improvement Project - section: Education Standards and Assessment (Institute of Psychology in cooperation with Education Testing Service-Europe, supported by World Bank)
 Evaluation of program Roma Education Iniciative (2002-2005 Institute of Psychology in cooperation with Open Society Institute)
 School without Violence: Towards a Safe and Enabling Environment for Children (2005-2006, Institut of Psychology & UNICEF)

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