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Transport & Aeronautics56 
Food & Agriculture206 
Biotech & Medicine265 
Technical sciences87 
None technical209 

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 FYR of Macedonia241 

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University of Belgrade
Faculty of Traffic and Transport Engineering
Water Transport

 Contact data
StreetVojvode Stepe 305 
ZIP, City, State 11000 - Belgrade (Serbia) 
Phone+381 11 3091 324 
Fax+381 11 3096 704 
 Contact person

Prof.Dr. Zoran Radmilovic (Head of Department)
 Activities in Research and Development

 RTD sectors:
» Transport Infrastructure     
» Automobile     
» Transport by rail or sea     
» Aeronautics     
» Space technologies     

 Area of expertise (keywords)
» Water (Inland Waterway and Maritime) Transport Engineering
 RTD Experiences

 Description of RTD activities
Theory of Ship Maneuverability and Handling, Specialized Vessel Operations, Application of River Information System on Serbian IW Network, Port and Ship Management, Fleet Planning and Operations, Ship and Port Analyses and Modeling, Port Planning, Design and Development.

 Experiences in international Programmes
- Institutional Capacity Building in the Transport Sector in Serbia (EAR project);
- A Study on Improvement of Calculation System of Optimal Throughput per Berth in Korea Container Terminal (Programme of Ministry of Maritime Transport and Fishery of S. Korea, Institute of Port and Logistics Industry, Pusan);
- Transport, Welfare and Economic Development of SE Europe - Pilot Project, Part: Country Issues Paper - Yugoslavia (Institute of Transports Economics, Oslo, Norway);
- Research and Development of Transport - Traffic and Management - Information System in Aim of Connection all Consumers on IW (Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Austria - World University Service);
- Market Observation for the IW Sector (2001-2002), Sector of FR Yugoslavia (European Commission, DG Energy & Transport, Netherlands Economics Institute NEI and INCE Romania);
- Radmilović, Z., V. Maraš, and S. Jovanović. Ship Lock as General Queueing System with Batch Arrivals and Batch Service. Traffic and Transportation, Vol 19, 2007, accepted for publishing.
- Radmilović, Z., Dragović, B., The Inland Navigation in Europe: Basic Facts, Advantages and Disadvantages, Journal of Maritime Research, Vol. IV, No. 1, pp. 3-17, 2007.
- Radmilović, Z., Inland Waterway Transport, Monography, Faculty of Traffic and Transport Engineering, 2007 (in Serbian).
- Dragovic, B., Zrnic, Dj., Radmilovic, Z., Ports & Container Terminals Modeling, Monography, Faculty of Traffic and Transport Engineering, Belgrade, 2006.
- Radmilovic, Z., Dragovic, B., Mestrovic, R., Optimal Number and Capacity of Servers in Queueing Systems, International Journal of Information and Management Sciences, 16(3), pp. 1-16, 2005.
- Radmilović, Z., Dragović, B., River and Maritime Transport in Intermodal Systems of Southeast Europe, reviewed scientific monography, Faculty of Transport and Traffic Engineering, Beograd, 2003. (in Serbian).
- Radmilović, Z., Hrle, Z., Muškatirović, J., Power Unit – Cargo Space Linк in Inland Waterway Navigation, Journal of Advanced Transportation, Vol. 37, No. 1, pp. 119-138, 2003.

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2006-05-09 / 2007-09-06