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 FYR of Macedonia241 

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Insitute for Earthquake Engineering and Engineering Seismology
University of Ss. Cyril and Metodius
Natural and Techenological Hazard & Ecology

 Contact data
StreetP.O. BOX 101 
ZIP, City, State 1000 - Skopje (FYR of Macedonia) 
Webwww. iziis.edu.mk 
 Contact person

Assistant Professor Biserka Dimiskovska (Scientific Advisor)
 Activities in Research and Development

 RTD sectors:
» Air Pollution treatment     
» Water treatment     
» Waste management     
» Environment Pollution (Measuring, Health)     

 Area of expertise (keywords)
» Investigations of Geological
» Hydrogeological and Seismic Effects upon Gas-Pipeline System”
» .
» Seismic Design Parameters for Analysis of the Structures of Hydroelectric Power Plants
» Definition of the Oil Pipeline Corridor
» Solid Waste Management
» Occurrence of Secondary Hazards Under the Effect of Earthquakes”
» Contribution to Analysis of Technical-Technological Risks in Modeling of Consequences upon Environment.
 RTD Experiences

 Description of RTD activities
Ecological, Tchnical- Tehnological solution and (prewue) projects;
Protection measures for pollution preduction of natural environment;
Comunication with state instutions, Domestic and Forien assiotiations, foundations in area of environmental protection;
Menagement hard trash and city trash, investigation of possibilities for recucling and organization of deponias;
Geological investigation of land field in function of environment ptotection;
Egsamination of land quality and protection measures for environment
Investigation of under ground and ground, propouzing protrction measures.

 Experiences in international Programmes
Participation in realization of numerous projects most of which are related to construction of structures of capital importance in former Yugoslavia as well as elimination of consequences of the Montenegro 1979 earthquake, the 1980 Kopaonik Earthquake and the Gevgeliya 1990 earthquake.
Participation in projects realized jointly by IZIIS and partners from foreign countries as are Algeria and Tunisia.
Investigation of methods for definition of seismic hazard and risk.
The latest research relates to ecological hazards including also industrial risks.
Competence in the field of “Sustainable Solid Waste Management” enabled by the European Center for Pollution Research Queen Mary ^ Westfield College, University of London

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2007-09-12 / 2007-09-12