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Center for Research and Policy Making

 Contact data
StreetMirche Macan bb 
ZIP, City, State 1000 - Skopje (FYR of Macedonia) 
 Contact person

Dr. Zhidas Daskalovski (President)
 Employees in RTD
 Activities in Research and Development

 RTD sectors:
» Socioeconomic sciences     

 Area of expertise (keywords)
» Center for Research and Policy Making is an independent
» non-profit policy research institute founded in March 2004. CRPM consists of local researchers as well as external consultants in close contact with the organization. It offers timely
» provocative policy analysis on the most pertinent issues. CRPM has no ‘hidden agenda’ but works to promote democratization and economic transformation of the country. It has no party
» political or any other organizational affiliation. CRPM develops a new style of policy analysis and serves as a forum for young Macedonians to acquire and apply knowledge and skills for evidence based research and policy analysis. The standpoint from which it approaches certain issues is principled. The organization considers peace and stability as the first principles that should reign in the Balkan countries
» and believes that the major political goal of Macedonia is the integration with the European Union.
» Center for Research and Policy Making has been formed by a multi-disciplinary team bringing together people with different backgrounds and professional and research interests
» and includes considerable experience of the way the Macedonian policy process works. The CRPM members are specialized in project management and policy research and analysis
» training and capacity building
» and policy advice. They are able to coordinate the planning of activities and inputs in a flexible and effective manner
» provide relevant and timely analyses anchored in political and economic realities
» paying particular attention to timely mobilization of resources and monitoring of project progress.
» CRPM’s members have a wealth of project management experience
» being able to coordinate planning activities and inputs to meet the clients’ needs in a flexible and effective manner
» paying particular attention to timely mobilization of resources and monitoring of project progress.
 RTD Experiences

 RTD focus of organization
CRPM works on several research areas focusing on issues such as: Do current policies affect economic growth? What are the available policy options?

 Description of RTD activities
CRPM’s key-departments specialize in research and analysis, project design and management, regional/local development, training and capacity building, and policy advice and will provide a full package of services to meet every aspect of the following project.
To achieve the afore-mentioned objectives, in the coming year 2007 the CRPM team will work on research projects, trainings, conferences, debates and other events in the following program/policy areas:

• Municipal development
 local economic dynamics series (Shutka and Struga)
 cross border cooperation (Delchevo – Blagoevgrad; Kumanovo-Gnjilane-Trgovishte-Preshevo)

• Macedonia budget project
i) capacity building of local self-government officials, NGOs and individuals in budgetary process and budget monitoring
ii) gender responsive budgeting
iii) Establishing budget watchdogs

• Capacity building in policy development
i) policy making training for government officials
ii) policy making training for non-governmental organizations and political parties
iii) policy making training for local self-government units

• Human development
i) policy analysis in education (secondary and tertiary education; life-long learning)
ii) policy analysis in health (rationalization of health services; DRGs and etc.)
iii) policy analysis in pension reform (voluntary pension scheme)
iv) policy analysis in urban, agricultural and development of telecommunications

• European Integration of Macedonia
i) training in EU institutions, decision making and policies
ii) debating the European enlargement towards the Balkans
iii) Euroactiv

• Macedonian politics
i) regular commenting the developments on the Macedonian political scene

 Experiences in international Programmes
The Centre for Research and Policy Making - CRPM cooperates with many partners from Central Europe and the Western Balkan region and is a member of the PASOS network of policy institutes. To make sure that our evidence based research results in profound analysis we have set up partnership with different institutions such as the Marcus Venture Consulting, Ltd, the Freedom House, the European Stability Initiative , the Libertas Institute, the Centre for Economics and Foreign Policy Studies (EDAM), the Policy Association for an Open Society (PASOS), the International Center for Policy Studies, the Institute for European Policy (EUROPEUM), the The Institute of Public Affairs, the Centar za Monitoring, the Kosovo Youth Network, the Forum for Ethnic Relations, the Providus as well as the Journal of Southeast European Politics.

1. IOM Skopje
Ivona Paunovic
Email: IPaunovic@iomskopje.org.mk
2. World Bank, Office in Skopje
E-mail: bymeri@worldbank.org
E-mail: asya.varbanova@unifem.org
4. Foundation Open Society Institute Macedonia
E-mail: fkaranf@soros.org.mk
5. Olaf Palme International Centre
E-mail: levend.bicaku@palmecenter.se
6. Local Government Public Service Reform Initiative
Email: mkleineisel@osi.hu
7. Open Society Institute
Email: gbuldioski@osi.hu
8. Friedrich Hebert Stiftung
Email: nena.trajkovska@fes.org.mk
9. Goran Svilanovic, Chair of Working Table I, Stability Pact for Southeastern Europe
Email: svilanovic@yahoo.com
10. German Marshall Fund of USA
E-mail: mgrogan@gmfus.org

 Organisation is/was involved in projects funded by the following RTD programmes
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