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University of Zagreb, Faculty of Textile Technology
Faculty of Textile Technology,
7 Departments

 Contact data
StreetPrilaz baruna Filipovica 28a 
ZIP, City, State 10000 - Zagreb (Croatia) 
 Contact person

Prof. Sandra Bischof Vukusic (coordinator of STEP (Service for Textile European Projects))
 Activities in Research and Development

 RTD sectors:
» Industrial manufacture     
» Plant Engineering and maintenance     
» Materials technology     

 Area of expertise (keywords)
» technological sciences
» environmental technology
» high performance textiles
» surface modification of textiles
» CAD/CAM systems
» intelligent clothing
» objective evaluation
» quality management
» energy management
 RTD Experiences

 Description of RTD activities
The Faculty of Textile Technology (FTT), member of University of Zagreb, is the only institution in the Republic of Croatia which performs research in the field of textile science and technology. It consists of 7 Departments, 88 research-teaching staff supervising 1000 students at all educational level. Except fundamental research in natural science, applied research is performed at following Departments:
• Textile Chemistry & Ecology: eco-friendly textile finishing and care, bio- & nano-technology in textile finishing, surface modification, interface phenomena, multifunctional energy-efficient MW processing, waste-water treatments for sustainable development,
• Materials, Fibers and Textile Testing: surface modification of fibers and fibrous materials for multifunctional T/C, high performance textile and protective cloths, implementation of objective measurement and evaluation in the field of technical textiles
• Projecting and Management of Textiles: CAD/CAM in weaving/knitting/spinning, advanced technical textiles, nonwoven textiles, management in textile and fashion
• Clothing Technology: clothing engineering, intelligent clothing and other textile products, processing parameters of clothing technologies for efficiency in production, workplace design and industrial engineering, CAD/CAM in clothing production, anthropometric measurements
• Fashion Design: revival of ethno heritage, design of functional T/C, implementation of newly developed materials in textile art
• Applied Chemistry: synthesis and characterization of new dyes and optical brighteners, implementation and optimization of analytical methods in textile science
• Basic Natural and Technical Sciences: numerical methods; theoretical and practical application of evolutionary algorithms in fabric design; fuzzy controllers in industrial processes; energy conservation and optimizastion in textile and chemical processes
Experts from FTT are included in the work of ETP (FTC) contributing in sectors: TEG 2: Functionalisation of textiles; TEG 3: Biomaterials & biotechnologies; TEG 4: New textile products and TEG 9: Smart textiles & clothing.

 Experiences in international Programmes
List of proposals submitted by TTF either as a coordinator or a partner:

• EUREKA: E! 2983- Constructed Wetlands For Treating Textile Dyes (EUROENVIRON TEXTILWET), Croatian partner: TTF, Leader: Prof. Parac Osterman, Đ., PhD.
• EUREKA: Textiles with high physiological properties with wide barrier spectrum (ComTex), Croatian partner: TTF, Leader: Prof. Grancarić, A.M., PhD.
• EUREKA: Improving of the Application and Durability of Surface Functionalization on Textile Fabrics (APTEX), Croatian partner TTF, Leader: Assoc. Prof. Pušić, T., PhD.
• FP 6-2004-SME-COOP: High-performance health and personal care products based on plasma fixed nanoparticles (NANOPERCARE), Partners: TTF, Jadran
• FP 6-2005-INCO-WBC/SSA-3: Reinforcement of Croatian Textile Research Capacities (CROTEXCAP), Coordinator: TTF, Assoc. Prof. Bischof Vukušić, S., PhD.
• FP 6-2005-NMP: The European Institute for the Multifunctional Textiles (EIMTEX), Coordinator: Heriot-Watt University UK, Partner: TTF, Project Leader: Prof. Grancarić, A.M., PhD.
• FP7-REGPOT-2007-1: Developing Croatian Textile Research Potentials (T-Pot), Coordinator: TTF, Assoc. Prof. Bischof Vukušić S., PhD.
• FP7-SME-2007-2: Sustainable Measures for Industrial Laundry Expansion Strategies (SMILES), Coordinator: FBT, Belgium, Partner: TTF, Project Leader: Assoc. Prof. Pušić,T., PhD.
• FP7-ICT-2007-2: Development of an e-Textile Wearable System for Sleeping Disorder and Early Warning Diagnosis (HealthTex), Coordinator: Gabriel A/S, Denmark, Partner TTF, Leader: Assoc. Prof. Vujasinović, E., PhD.
• TEMPUS JEP-CD 2006: Upgrading of interdisciplinary textile doctoral studies (Tex Doc), Coordinator: Assoc. Prof. Pavlović, G., PhD.

Running Bilateral projects at TTF:

• Prof. Ana-Marija Grancarić, PhD: Influence of heavy metals present on textile material on human health

• Prof. Đurđica Parac Osterman, PhD: Textile fibres as protection from UV irradiation
• Prof. A.M. Grancarić, PhD: Surface free energy of pretreated and finished textiles
• Assoc. Prof. Sandra Bischof Vukušić, PhD: Antimicrobial finishing of textiles
• Asist. Prof. Edita Vujasinović, PhD: Implementation of the objective measurement and evaluation system in the processes of intelligent and technical textile design
• Asoc. Prof. Prof. Tanja Pušić, PhD: Introducing chemo-thermal laundering procedures in laundries for hospital textiles.

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