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Faculty of Agriculture
Department of Agronomy

 Contact data
StreetGjergj Kastrioti Street 
ZIP, City, State 7001 - Korce (Albania) 
Phone+35582242230, 0035582248945 
FaxMobile: 00355684026349 
 Contact person

Prof. Asoc. Dr. GJERGJI PAPA (Pedagogue)
 Employees in RTD
 Activities in Research and Development

 RTD sectors:
» Air Pollution treatment     
» Water treatment     
» Waste management     
» Environment Pollution (Measuring, Health)     
» Food quality and security     
» Agriculture     
» Farming     

 Area of expertise (keywords)
» The chemical fertilizers. Nitrogen
» phosphorus and potash in the soil and nitrogen
» phosphate and potash fertilizers. Other macronutrients and their fertilizers. Micronutrients and micro-fertilizers. Multi-nutrients with more than one mineral nutrient.
» Manure. The treatment of animal manure and urban residues.
» The environment protection from irregular manure and chemical fertilizers use.
» The fertilization techniques. Nutrient and crop requirements of fertilization diagnosing. Experimental
» soil and crop diagnosing. Accomplishment of the fertilization use system. Fertilization system of cereals
» industrial crops
» vegetables
» forage
» vineyards and fruit tree orchards.
» Agricultural extension. The methods that agricultural extension should use to increase the advising skills for farmers and their associations. The methodology of disseminating information to farmers and their associations. The farmers situation analysis
» information collecting methods and extension work planning. The extension role in agricultural marketing. The management and assessment of the agricultural extension programs and activities.
» Crop production. Fruit tree (horticulture). The production technologies of forages.
 RTD Experiences

 RTD focus of organization
Our university has three faculties: agriculture, economics and education.

 Description of RTD activities
Water & nutritive regime of alfalfa in the Mediterranean pre-mountainous zone of Albania, (1998).
Degradation problems of the soil in the Korça area, (1998).
Land labour in the frame of the institutional cooperation up to farmer level, (1998).
The budget of the farm, (2000).
Negative effects of the parceling out and up to now experience about the consolidation of the land, (2001).
Problems of the alfalfa cultivation technology in the premountain Mediterranean zone of Albania, (2003).
Biodiversity of the flora and the factors that have influenced in its ruin on Small Prespa zone, (2003).
Contemporary tendency of the fruit-growing development, the effects in the regional and national economic-social developments, (2003).
The apple and problems of the technology of its cultivation in the Korça district, (2004).
The techniques of the fertilization in intensive fruit-growing, (2004).
Korça Regional agriculture and its issues, (2004).
The fruit-growing in the Korça district and perspectives of its development, (2005).
Problems, development propensity and prospects of forage crops production in the premountain Mediterranean zone of Albania, (2005).
The study of kidney-bean species and their mingling with gramminors for hay and grain production, (2005).
Nutrient values study of leguminous annual and perennial forage for fresh, hay and concentrate usage. (2005)
Mountainous Areas Development (2007)

 Experiences in international Programmes
The fitting of the laboratory of analysis of the land and forage crops, (1995). This project was realized by KONOCO (Korçë-Normandie-Cooperation).
CUMA-Cooperative d’Utilisation des Materieles Agricoles, (1997-2003). This project was realized by KONOCO (Korçë-Normandie-Cooperation).
R.M.D.P–Rural Market Development Project, (2001-2003). This project was realized by S.I.D.A-Swedish International Development Agency.
Technical Assistance about the program of grants for competition of the Agricultural Service Project – (A.S.P)”, (2001-2007). This project was realized by the World Bank
Support about the improvement of living conditions of peripheral population of Korça District, particularly in the mountainous agricultural sector and primary health, through strengthening of local institutions and technical sectorial structures, in a cooperation between local institutions and Italian and Albanian civil society. The programme was realized by APS (Associacione per la Participazione allo Svilupo), (2002-2003).
.Reduction of environmental impacts of agriculture in the Trans-Boundary Prespa Region, (2005). This project was realized by U.N.D.P.- United Nations Development Programme and G.E.F.- Global Environmental Facility.

 Organisation is/was involved in projects funded by the following RTD programmes
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