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University of Zagreb
Faculty of Veterinary Medicine
Department of Avian Diseases

 Contact data
StreetHeinzelova 55 
ZIP, City, State 10000 - Zagreb (Croatia) 
Phone+385 1 2390281 
Fax+385 1 2390280 
 Contact person

Prof. Dr. Estella Prukner-Radovcic (Head of Department)
 Activities in Research and Development

 RTD sectors:
» Food quality and security     
» Food industry     
» Agriculture     

 Area of expertise (keywords)
» Researches on bacterial diseases
» viral diseases and immunology
» epidemiological analysis of poultry and other bird diseases
» and all factors that influence human health (zoonoses).
 RTD Experiences

 Description of RTD activities
The Department of Avian Diseases was established in 1969 at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, University of Zagreb. Team of experts at Department consists of three full professors, and three assistants (young researcher - PhD students). Department have published over 800 scientific and professional papers individually or in co-operation with their colleagues. Numerous previous investigations into the prevalence of diseases in birds and their transmission to other birds and humans were already conducted. The obtained scientific investigations are presented at numerous national and international conferences.
The Department has three separated laboratories (for virology, bacteriology and molecular biology), an area for laboratory animals, and Clinic for pet and wild birds. Laboratory for avian chlamydiosis is also part of the Department (since 2006 serve as National Referent Laboratory for avian chlamydiosis). All laboratories are well equipped (laminar flow, microscopes, ELISA plate reader, PCR machine and Real-Time PCR machine, laboratory deep freezer - 86°). Area for laboratory animals (180 m2) is divided into 5 sections equipped with modern cages for poultry, isolators and air filters for safe work with contaminated animals and material. An incubator for hatching eggs is located in front room. A separate room (18 m2) for necropsy is also part of the area for laboratory animals. Clinic for birds is situated in separate building. There is examination room, room for theoretical and practical teaching, room for sterilization of laboratory glassware and bacteriological laboratory.

 Experiences in international Programmes
Prof. Dr. Prukner-Radovcic was a member of the Management Committee of the
European projects COST Action 920- “Foodborne Zoonosis and Co-ordinated Food
Chain Approach”, and she is a member of the Management Committee of the COST Action 855- Animal chlamydioses and the zoonotic implications. She is a team leader in two SEE-ERA-NET projects: INTAS Ref. Nr 06-1000031-10035, entitled „The importance of chlamydia infections in birds for animal and human health in Southeastern Europe“, and INTAS Ref. Nr 06-1000031-10326, entitled „Distribution and initial molecular characterization of enterohaemorrhagic E. coli (EHEC) specific virulence factors of E. coli strains isolated from domestic animals and man: an assessment of zoonotic significance in the West Balkan“.
So far, 17 research projects have been organized at the Department, most of them in cooperation with institutions in the USA, Denmark, Germany, Hungary, Slovenia and Macedonia. The members of the Departments are members of national and international associations in veterinary profession.
Prof. Dr. Prukner-Radovcic is a member of COST Domain Committee - Food and Agriculture.

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2008-03-28 / 2008-03-28