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 FYR of Macedonia241 

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Agricultural University of Tirana
Forest Science Faculty
Wood Industry Department

 Contact data
StreetKoder Kamez 
ZIP, City, State 1000 - Tirana (Albania) 
Phone++355 42227990 
Fax++355 42230530 
 Contact person

Prof.Asc.Dr in Wood Science Entela Lato (Lector)
 Employees in RTD
 Activities in Research and Development

 RTD sectors:
» Agriculture     

 Area of expertise (keywords)
» Macroscopic structure of wood
» microscopic structure of wood
» sapwood
» heartwood
» hardwood
» softwood
» cross section
» radial section
» tangential section
» wood ring
» tracheid
» vessel
» earlywood vessel
» latewood vessel
» perforation plate
» perforation scalariform
» perforation simple
» fibre
» ray parenchyma cell
» axial parenchyma cell
» apotracheal parenchyma cell
» paratracheal parenchyma
» pore
» tyloses
» spiral thickenings
» primary wall
» secondary wall
» pits
» bordered pit pair
» margo
» torus
» border
» resin canal
» epithelial cell
» fusiform ray
» longitudinal and radial resin canal
» traumatic resin canal
» taxodioid pit
» taxodioid pit
» cupressoid pit
» piceoid pit
» pinoid pit
» window-like pit
» maceration
» moisture content
» oven dry weight
» hygroscopicity
» free water
» bound water
» relative humidity
» fibre saturation point
» swelling
» shrinkage
» mechanical properties….
 RTD Experiences

 Description of RTD activities
Wood macroscopy
Wood anatomy and identification
Physical wood properties
Mechnical wood properties
Wood ultrastructure

 Experiences in international Programmes
Participation in recent projects:
-Conservation of wooden art work-financed by the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and dhe Albanian Ministry of Education and Science
-Conservation and restoration of wooden structure-financed by the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and dhe Albanian Ministry of Education and Science
-Support in recuperation of wooden musical instrument-INTERREG 3

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2008-04-01 / 2013-02-19