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ICT, Electronic, Telecomm136 
Ind. Technology, Material176 
Security & Environment225 
Transport & Aeronautics56 
Food & Agriculture206 
Biotech & Medicine265 
Technical sciences87 
None technical209 

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 FYR of Macedonia241 

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 Last week744  
 Last month6283  
 Last year120411  

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Mining and Metallurgy Institute Bor

 Contact data
StreetZeleni bulevar 35 
ZIP, City, State 19210 - Bor (Serbia) 
Phone+381 30 436826; +381 30 454101 
Fax+381 30 435 175 
 Contact person

Prof. Dr. Vlastimir Trujic (General Manager Director)
 Employees in RTD
> 100
 Activities in Research and Development

 RTD sectors:
» Electronics, Microelectronics     
» Data processing, Information systems     
» Industrial manufacture     
» Plant Engineering and maintenance     
» Materials technology     
» Electro technology     
» Construction technology     
» Chemical technologies     
» Other industrial technologies     
» Energy efficiency     
» Air Pollution treatment     
» Water treatment     
» Waste management     
» Environment Pollution (Measuring, Health)     
» Bio technology     
» Chemistry     
» Measurement and testing     
» Other technical sciences     
» Research Services (Consulting)     

 Area of expertise (keywords)
» Geology
» Mineral processing
» Mining
» Metallurgy
» Hydrometallurgy
» Precious metals
» Chemical analysis
» Chemistry
» Inorganic technology
» Non-ferrow metalls and alloys
» Ecology
» Environment protection
» Scientific-research work
 RTD Experiences

 RTD focus of organization
Geology, mineral prosessing, mining, metallurgy, chemical technology, ecology, technical science and multidisciplinary science.

 Description of RTD activities
- Designing, Engineering and Consulting
- Experimental and special production
- Testing of materials, equipment, devices and industrial facilities
- Research, development and other services
- Quality control of products, materials and production processes
- Quality control of living and working environment
- Staf training
- Presence on domestic and foreign market
Studies and projects in the filed of metallurgy, Studies and projects in the field of metal processing, Studies and projects in the field of non-organic chemical technology, Catalytic grids production and refinery, Platinum dishes production and processing, Production of thermocouples, Production of nozzles for glass fibres, Geological investigations and outlook for metallic raw mineral deposits, Geological investigations and outlook for non-metallic raw mineral deposits, Hydrogeological investigations, Study investigations and other (geotechnical and laboratory), Investigations in the fields of mining exploitation and preparation of metal, non-metal and coal raw minerals, Studies: possibilities, prefeasibility and feasibility and long-term programs, Surface and underground raw minerals exploitation and processing projects: General, basic, additional, abridged, Projects and studies in the field of raw minerals reparation:
Flotation methods of concentration, Chemical methods of concentration, Process tail disposal, Waste materials recycling, Optimisation of mining activities and economical optimisation with Software packages “Gemcom” and “Whitlle”, Analysis in the fields of inorganic analytic hemistry of: selling and buying materials, coals, balance materials, final products, geological materials, high-purity non-ferrous metals, high-purity precious metals, precious metals alloys, pure salt
air, microclimate at working places, Review and giving certificate for reference materials: copper, copper alloys, zinc, zinc alloys, lead and lead alloys, Production and review of referent materials: copper, copper alloys, zinc, zinc alloys, lead, lead alloys, Quality control of life and working environment .

 Experiences in international Programmes
A European Research and Technological Development Project, Specific Measures in Support of International Cooperation (INCO) – Western Balkan Countries: “Integrated Treatment of Industrial Wastes Towards Prevention of Regional Water Resources Contamination (INTREAT), INCO-CT-2003-509167, Frame Programme 6

 Inserted / Updated
2008-05-26 / 2009-01-15